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Dr. John's Lawn Rx specializes in lawn and landscape healthcare. We provide a variety of treatment options for our Residential and Commercial Clients to treat diseased lawns and prevent lawn deterioration. We have developed a proprietary nutritional supplement designed for the unique soils in the Rio Grande Valley. Our aim is to increase the overall health of your lawn and landscape. 

We provide a specialized prescription tailored to your specific lawn healthcare needs. 

Lawn and Landscape Healthcare Core Services

We offer a professional Lawn Healthcare Program for residential and commercial Customers that includes result producing options. Regardless of your lawn type, we have a prescriptive program that will fit your individual needs.

To achieve a robust and healthy lawn, it is not just about watering and mowing practices. A lawn healthcare program is essential and includes nutrition, weed control, weed prevention, disease prevention, and lawn insect management. These input services in coordination with a proper mowing and watering schedule will provide a lawn that is full, green and healthy.

Let us tailor a lawn healthcare program specific to your needs.

Additional Lawn and Landscape Healthcare Services

Complete your prescription with additional lawn healthcare services. 

Customer Lawns

Contact us for a quote on a lawn healthcare program designed for your lawn and landscape healthcare needs.

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